Who are The Lavish Launderers?

We happened upon the passion for laundry unexpectedly in November of 2020 when a local business contracted Becky to do their laundry. Having found this service a pleasure to offer, Lavished Laundry was formed. Our goal is to offer exceptional service to individuals and businesses alike. To help make your life simpler. We will treat your laundry with the upmost care and our goal is 100% satisfaction.

A little more about us...

Becky...a wife, mother, teacher (we homeschool), & launderer...

We are one of those families that homeschooled pre-covid and continue to. We love the flexibility it brings to our lives (such as being able to offer my services as the Lavish Launderer). My passion is for my family, but I love being able to help others as well, thus doing laundry for others fits perfect into our family culture. It also allows me to continue to add a little extra to our family budget without sacrificing the flexibility we cherish. We love the outdoors, sports, and just being together with family and friends.

Beth...a stay-at-home mother & launderer...

with a love for clean laundry, a passion to school my two girls and serve our Newberg community in various ways. Although my husband is very helpful, I don’t let him do the laundry; it’s something I enjoy doing and want it done my way. But when it comes to cooking dinner, he’s the expert so we make a good team around the house!